BioPharma Sales Engineer Ref: 23486

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BioPharma Sales Engineer Ref: 23486


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The Company

Client are a global leader in the manufacturer of specialist fluid control systems primarily geared towards the biopharma sector.  Products include high purity pumps & valves & related instrumentation including high spec’d gaskets & hosing for demanding GMP environments.  A well-known, trusted brand name and well established within the biopharma sector in Ireland, they are looking to recruit a Senior Sales Engineer.

The Role

This role involves taking over existing, named BioPharma accounts from the incumbent who although remaining in the business is assuming new responsibilities.  Engaging both commercially & at a deep technical level within the accounts, a strong understanding of BioPharma/high purity process is required. Role involve managing a significant proportion of the company’s revenue stream in Ireland so strong commercial acumen also a must.  Location flexible – Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway

The Rewards

Great opportunity to work directly with a global leader in high purity liquid handling & process.  The company are expanding here, investing massively into a local manufacturing facility. This will further set it apart from competition, offering faster local supply  to biopharma customers.  In 2019 alone sales have increased 50% with further growth  projected for 2020.  On offer will be high base salary reflecting the calibre of individual required, plus benefits, commission, car, health pension etc.


For a confidential discussion contact Geoff Collins on 087 246 0203


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