We are looking to appoint senior, experienced recruiters to work within the Engineering, Life Science, IT and related sectors, offering best of breed Search & Selection services to our established client base

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Imagine this.. Your life not defined by the location of your employer, your week not spent tied to an office. Your day not wasted by the long commute. What possibilities would life hold for you then?

Recruitment is evolving faster than ever. Social media is democratising the industry with market and candidate information becoming more freely available than ever. Our communications tools have changed completely.

In this rapidly changing market, the concept that being the best you can is defined by your office location belongs to the last decade, possibly to the last century.

Pinnacle are looking to recruit experienced consultants across the Engineering, Life Sciences, IT and related sectors

Successful applicants will have a minimum of 5 years recruitment experience in their specialist field with a further 5 years general commercial experience. Working from a home office will require high levels of self-discipline and strong organizational ability.

Success with Pinnacle is dependant on a recruiters creative search skills, their will to win and their ability to consistently deliver results for both clients and candidates within an antonymous environment.

Most importantly of all, they will already be regarded by their industry, by their community and by their peers as an ethical, hard working “Go to” recruiter.

Keeping down unnecessary costs allows us to offer competitive rates to clients, spend extra on marketing whilst paying higher salary and commission levels to our people. It allows us work to realistic targets with consultants earning up to and over 50% of what they bill. And that’s just the start!

Our work defines us as individuals, as who we are, but it shouldn’t consume us. With Pinnacle you can be the absolute best you can whilst also leaving time and room in your life for whatever else that is important to you.

For more information contact Geoff Collins in confidence on 087 246 0203 or