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Pinnacle Search & Selection, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion policy

When it comes to EDI in the workplace, we’re a proud Opportunity Engine for all, supporting business who champion equity, diversity and inclusion.

Why? Because people are at the core of what we do. And since people come from diverse backgrounds and cultures, we strive to generate opportunities for those whom we represent to reach their full, authentic potential.

Connecting people to work that enriches their lives is our guiding purpose. We owe it to our talent, to our clients & to our community to give everyone an equal chance to grow and prosper within their chosen careers and in whatever else that maybe important to them.

Be it our recruiting processes, our work practices or how we communicate, we ensure that all those whom we engage with feel welcome, irrespective of background or differences.

Person responsible for policy:

Geoff Collins
Director, Pinnacle Search & Selection